What is there to say? I’m a Puerto Rican military brat that loves to get right into coding whenever I can. I’m currently living in and loving Fort Collins, CO.

A lot of times I have trouble not keeping my hands busy, and usually you’ll find me tinkering around or trying to figure out how to do my next crazy hobby project. When I’m not doing that I am usually either enjoying the outdoors or playing Dungeons and Dragons, both as a player and as a game master. I’m an avid tattoo and home-brewing enthusiast (mead and cider, mainly) as well.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me, and take care! Thanks for visiting!!

What about the Website?

andrersthemagi.me is built using a WordPress installation and the LAMP stack:

  • Linux (i.e. Ubuntu 18.04)
  • Apache2
  • MySQL
  • PHP

This website also has Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates built-in, thanks to Certbot integrations with Apache2. The server itself is being hosted on a droplet / container on Digital Ocean.